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Angad Arts Hotel

Edited by: Walker Glascock

Photographer: Dakota Grady


Located on Grand Avenue, in the midst of St. Louis, Missouri’s historical entertainment district, the Angad Arts Hotel is a unique and extraordinary establishment in an industry where diversity is rapidly becoming defined by a growing sense of originality and options.

Filled with pieces created by both local and global artists, the Angad Arts presents a welcome escape from the drudgery of daily life and from reality in general as each room in the hotel is color coordinated based specific moods. Passion Red, Tranquility Blue, Rejuvenation Green and Happiness Yellow are just some examples that each guest are able to choose to set the tone for their stay.

When Gentry’s Limited was invited to visit the property this fall, owner Dakota Grady and model Tillie Villareal naturally chose Red.

In the room the colors were vibrant and intense. Everything is perfectly curated; from the bedding to the lighting. Even the food and drink selection, chosen from local vendors, was vast and thoughtful. Everything was red.


Even the “Eye” pillows, which were slightly disconcerting, played an important role in bringing the essence of the room together. 

On the Angad Rainbow Terrace (ART), the hotel provides a beautiful view of the city of St. Louis. The food and bar selection from the chef, David Burke, scintillates every aspect of your pallet. Gentry’s would recommend the “clothesline bacon” along with one of their famous signature cocktails.

24-hour room service, the Chameleon lounge, and The Grand Tavern are added bonuses that stuck out to Gentry’s Limited. Boasting of 4.7 stars out of almost 300 reviews, The Angad Arts Hotel is a MUST for any visitor.

Gentry’s Limited was honored to be a part of this special weekend and getting a unique view of one the best kept secrets in Saint Louis. 


For bookings and more information, go to: or call (314) 561-0033

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