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Joseph Magsaysay

Edited By: Alyssa Faulconer

Photography: Steven Danner


With roots tracing back to the Philippines, real estate agent Joseph Magsaysay shares his testimony to the empire he has and is continuously building upon in St. Louis. “You never know who you are going to meet, the endless amount of opportunity to affect someone else’s life is what fuels my fire.” As a realtor for Better Homes and Gardens and owner of the Impact Team International, Joseph is renowned for his nonstop lifestyle and vast community. Innovative and undaunted, Gentry’s Limited has chosen to present his interview in the organic arrangement. His gallant personality showcases itself. “I am never intimidated.”

GL:  How has your upbringing influenced your career and mindset?

JM: “My dream was to be successful, with no direction. I lost my mother to lung cancer when I was nine years old. My father was a shadow in the background and ended up passing in 2006. I was basically an orphan in a country with an extreme wealth gap and a deep-rooted value in education. Before my mother passed, she told me one thing. ‘Finish college, and the rest will take care of you.’ For me, receiving a degree was a requirement to the ladder of success. Coming to America was the next step in accomplishing my dreams. 

GL: How do you stay motivated and inspired?

JM: “My degree in broadcast journalism taught me that I am a right-brain individual. I am inspired by my imagination and ingenious capacity. Especially, when it comes to my team. Checking in with them, making sure we are all on the same page during meetings because if we are not... How could we move forward? I need my team to have a mindset of succession - that the task-at-hand will be completed in the best way possible. I have been told I am a go-getter, and I respond with I am a go-giver. Impacting lives and helping people is pertinent to me. It is the reason I fell in love with being a real estate agent. If you were to ask a realtor, ‘what do you do?’ The average realtor will say, ‘I show and sell houses.’ If you were to ask me the same question I would say, ‘I build relationships, and from those relations trust is formed, then if you feel like I am worthy of receiving all of your business – I would love to help you. It brings me immense joy to say that I have helped 600 families in the last 6 years. Ultimately, my motivation is my ‘Big Why,’ which is my son Geno. He is the reason I get up every morning and work hard. He is my foundation, as I am building a foundation for him. For others, ‘Big Why’s’ can evolve over time just like one’s definition of success. Right now, my definition is having the ability to impact lives. If I am able to affect your life, it is a steppingstone to my utmost goal, which is leaving a legacy worth living - a life worth living.”

GL: What is a takeaway you learned while building your business?

JM: “I mastered the art of failure - I was so good at it. I loved failing because I knew that whatever I was doing incorrectly would lead me to the right answer. I always say that we all need to fail, fail fast, fail often, but most importantly – fail forward. One must constantly pursue one’s goals, and failure is a major part of that but not the end all-be-all. It is a sign of growth and maturity. When building my team, I look for like-minded individuals with that ‘fire in their belly.’ and lack of fear to fail. The team’s advancement will always depend on those who make up the team. Regardless of failure, I know that my team already has the next strategy planned.”

GL: Why did you choose to sell St. Louis?

JM: “Low-cost of living compared to other cities, but more importantly - diversity. St. Louis accepted me with open arms. I know there will always be the question of where you went to high school. I have heard St. Louis called ‘clique-ish,’ but at the end of the day you prove your worth. There is a reason Missouri is called, the ‘Show Me’ state - ‘Show Me’ what you have got. There are 14,000 realtors in the St. Louis area alone. Others mindset’s might focus on that substantial number as their competition, but for me, I only see myself as my competition. I need to be the best version of me, and it is how I am so focused. I have no time to watch others; however, I have community of fellow realtors and mentors that I brainstorm with and learn from. I would not be here today without the support of my community.”


"If I am able to affect your life, it is a steppingstone to my utmost goal, which is leaving a legacy worth living - a life worth living.”


GL: What is dad-life like?

JM: “Geno has been a part of my social media and business presence since he was two years old. #GenoKnows is what I would use when posting anything about him. I was a full-time dad for the first two years of his life, not single-handedly. He was a very - very stubborn baby, and I would always say, ‘ok, you are a baby, but you know everything. Geno knows everything.’ It had a nice ring to it, so I stuck with it. When Geno turned three, he became a part of my marketing and advertising, and people started referring to me as ‘Geno’s dad,’ not Joseph. When Geno started tagging along and meeting my friends, he would ask me, ‘dad, how did they know about me?’ I want Geno to remember that he will always be my boss, my employer. When he grows up, I aspire for him to know the sacrifices that I made for him. That my long-haul was for his foundation. Life is a trade-off. I may not be able to see him all the time, but I want him to see that I am working hard because I want to impact as many lives as possible.”

GL: How would you describe your wardrobe?

JM: “I will always be bold. I embrace my individuality and uniqueness. I love encouraging others to be bold in their clothing choices. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed. Dressing for success goes hand-in-hand with confidence, and successful people notice the effort that you put into dressing well. You cannot be bold if you are not comfortable in your skin. If I do not think I am successful, there is no way I am going to purchase or wear a custom suit. People who order custom clothing, they are successful and confident. Going back to the Philippines, wealth is displayed in materialistic items, such as clothing. I enjoy partaking in the finer things in life. Through the way I dress, I express my success and passion for style.”

GL: Why did you choose Gentry’s Limited?

JM: “Dakota will always be one of the most memorable people I have ever met. He approached me, three years ago, complimenting me on my sense of fashion and wanted to get me into a custom suit. I was honest with him; I said I could not afford one- call me back in three years. Here we are, three years later, my wardrobe is filling with custom pieces from Gentry’s Limited, not just suits. When I see those pieces, it is a representation of me, my style, and my boldness. It is so much more than an investment because I value fashion. I have full confidence in Dakota's ability to create and visualize my artistic vision. Gentry’s Limited is my go-to for custom luxury clothing.”

FUN FACT: In 2012 Joseph Magsaysay won first place in the National 8-ball Championship in Las Vegas, going from a casual pool player to a National Champion in less than three years. 


To contact Joseph Magsaysay of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Preferred Properties:

PHONE: 314-337-4413


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