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Travis Noble, attorney at law, known for being one of the top Criminal Defense attorneys in the Saint Louis Area. At this stage of life, Travis enjoys the finer things in life; a good cigar, fast cars and a great suit.

Travis grew up in the Washington D.C. area until high school when Travis’ parents uprooted the family and moved to Maine. After high school, Travis and some friends, applied to be police officer’s. Thus starting his journey in law enforcement. Spending 10 years as a police office and drug agent in Maine. Travis was living a good life and making a good living, he couldn’t help thinking he wanted something different. So at the age of 30, Travis decided to take a big risk and moved Saint Louis, Missouri, returned to school and obtained his law degree. But why was it worth the risk? Putting hard earned money into going back to school and knowing what the outcome of that will be.

We asked Travis why make such a career change at that state of his life? Travis responded with, “I’d watched prosecutors try cases and thought ‘I could do this.’ I wanted to get in front of a jury to tell my story, to see if I could convince 12 strangers with my version of events to give this person fair treatment.”

Travis is passionate about educating the minds of our future judicial system at all levels and has done several lectures with police academies, universities, and the Missouri Criminal Law Institute. We asked Travis what his one piece of advice he gives future lawyers, “Fight for your clients, be authentic, put yourself in their shoes to see what they are going through. A lot of times the people you are defending are good people who made a bad decision, and now they need help trying to navigate this life altering event.” Some additional words of wisdom Travis shared and also what he tells young lawyers is, “Don’t chase money, you have to put out a quality product and take care of people, if you do that the money will take care of itself.” With this insightful information we also asked him what advice he would give to those who do not work in the judicial system, he replied with, “Think before you act, try your best not to make it into my office.”

As we talked, I wanted to find out more about Travis’ relationship with Gentry’s Limited. I asked Travis how he first came about our tailor house. Travis detailed the story of how he met Gentry’s Limited owner, Dakota Grady…

Travis had walked into a Starbucks in the Central West End and saw a man sitting at a table having coffee. Travis thought to himself, “that man is impeccably dressed.” Knowing a suit supply store had just opened in the area Travis asked Dakota if he worked there. Dakota, looked up and told Travis of his company, Gentry’s Limited. Truth be told, Dakota had been trying to meet Travis for some time. With the introductions out of the way, Travis invited Dakota stop by his house and look at the suits he already had. His challenge to Dakota was to make him a suit he didn’t already have. Having seen the suites Travis had and knowing what he was capable of, Dakota accepted the challenge and asked Travis to meet at the Gentry’s Limited office to discuss what he had to offer. This event started the business relationship, friendship and most importantly the partnership it has become today.

We asked Travis what his favorite memory with Dakota was, Travis told us about that first meeting at Gentry’s Limited office; this was his retelling, “So I go to his office at 11 o’clock in the morning. I walk in and he offers me a Grey Goose drink, and he tells me he did his research, and he knows Grey Goose is my regular drink. We sit down and he starts talking to me about his life, his upbringing, who he is, and he’s asking how I grew ups. I’m sitting there for about an hour and thinking is this kid going to sell me a suit. He then tells me he wants to know a person when he’s selling them a suit so that its not just a suit that they like but one that suits them. I found that to be fascinating because nobody has ever done that, he wanted to find out the things that nobody else knows. So we just sat there for two hours before he even said a word about clothes.”

As a three year customer of Gentry’s Unlimited with several suits added to his wardrobe, I asked Travis how his wardrobe has changed since knowing Dakota? Travis felt his style itself hadn’t changed, but Dakota’s attention to detail is unparalleled to any other suits he owns. The pieces he has received from Dakota are unique pieces with small details that make them stand out, which Travis said to be “Inspiring.”


To contact Travis Noble Attorney’s at Law:

(314) 450-7849

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