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Formal Wear

At Gentry's Limited we create formal wear for any seasons. We can create a garment for anytime or occasion. We've created a variety of pieces using velvet, linen, wool, silk blends, etc. Our garments range from wedding tuxedos to coattails.


Gentry's Limited also works with women to create couture pieces for formal events to give you a unique piece that you won't likely find another wearing.


Wedding styles can differ from a vest and pant to a traditional formal piece depending on budget, location, time of day. We've helped many couples with their wedding attire using 10 different styles of fabric. We've been helping people across the country with creating their dream wedding attire for years. For weddings we love working with attire that is out of the box from traditional wedding looks. We offer accessories for your wedding such as ties, bowties, pocket squares, etc. that are selected to complete your look for your big day.

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White Tie

One of the most unique things about Gentry’s Limited is we can create a full white tie piece to fit traditional standards. Gentry’s along with creating a full white tie formal piece including boutonnières, gloves, and silks.

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