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Ted Wight

Photographer: Steven Danner

Edited by: Myra Grady



As a realtor with Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty for over 15 years, Ted Wight is a seeker of beauty in the St. Louis landscape. He shared his passions and personality with Gentry’s Limited this spring, and his conversation shows how his eye for class transcends both his properties and wardrobe.

     You may find him one evening sharing a bottle of Simi in his Ladue home designed by noted architect William Bernoudy, and his will be a meeting you will not soon regret.

“I always loved homes, architecture, gardening, and interior design.  St. Louis has such lovely neighborhoods and homes, and my career has always been in sales and marketing, so being a Realtor was a perfect match!  It is a treat to show historic homes to contemporary properties. St. Louis is easy to get around…so I find myself showing homes in the city to country properties.

I have always lived in St. Louis and appreciated the camaraderie of the people.  It is fun to run into friends, clients and family no matter where you are. I like that I can live in Ladue and it is easy for me to get to the CWE and other areas of the city without thinking things are far away. I don’t think twice about joining a friend in the Forest Park for a morning walk. 

In real estate it is important to not look too formal or casual.  I want my clients to be at ease, though also think of me as a professional.  My Buyers and Sellers do judge me on my taste and success that I demonstrate, and I need to express this in my clothes and personal home. I find that a smart jacket, good shoes and belts get me far.

My choices are a personal expression of who I am: Successful, conservative with a twist and stylish. I do tend to be a little bolder, though not too trendy or young. I was always told that in nature the male bird is brighter and more exuberant.'


Dakota Grady of Gentry's Limited has helped me become bolder and more stylish.  He pushes me to dress with a twist, although not outrageous. I look so much better put together - a little more youthful and less baggy. "


Ted shares a country property with his family in Pike County, Missouri where he enjoys gardening and restoring an 1850’s historic farmhouse that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

He also grew up in Ladue and attended St. Louis Priory for high school. Ted’s education continued at Lake Forest College on the North Shore of Chicago and received his Executive MBA from Washington University’s Olin School of Business.

PHONE: (314) 725-0009


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